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Artist Piece Title
Richard "Doc" Baily Spore
Scott Pagano The Antikythera Mechanism
Thomas Williams Durian 1
Scott Pagano 1.618
Thomas Williams Durian 1
Scott Pagano 1.618
Kevin Dooley Affirmative
Omer Barr 4:33
Scott Pagano 1.618
Dennis Miller White Noise
Kazuhiko Kobayashi       Scan Gate 1
Richard Taylor MegaZin
Dane Webster Organica #1
Gil Kuno The Antmaster
Bob Stevens Girl in Landfill
Campbell Laird Avoca 1
Harvey Goldman Tall Glia
Stephanie Bennett This Equals Everything
Camilo Cruz Attorney with Escalator
Scott Pagano The Antikythera Mechanism
Ivan Bajic Alone 3
Jennifer Ogren Flushed Ardor
Richard ChauDavis Towel
Andre Kutscherauer Dandelion of screws
Franz Keller Glass Houses (Mister Cubicle Preview)
Bill Halford BoS Bridge
Endre Balogh Egg On Glass
Timothy Burns Matches
Andrew Grodner Razor Wire and a Wall
Stephen Bliss Richard Nixon
Dave Beck The Faithful Colt (After William Harnett)
Kevin Dooley Affirmative
Adam Gault Lantern Fishes
Akhter Husain Sky is the Limit
Sam Chen Eternal Gaze
Thom Clarke Human Condition
Emmanuel Faure Road Trip #2
Neil Maccormack Future Station
Lonnie Busch 3E244Y01
Paolo Nigris San Juan, PR - Vespa
Lonnie Busch 3E422Y04
Betsy De Fries Today
Andre Kutscherauer Selfillumination
Murray Kruger A Study In Motion
Lollie Ortiz Cruising
Takehisa Garashi Beginning
Tim Borgmann fragment_012802c
Dennis Miller White Noise
Joseph Yorty Home Improvement
Marty Wolff Chef in a Crowd
Jane Gottlieb Gottlieb_Lawn_Bowlers_Life
Shravan Rajagopal Shiva's Pennace
Ellen Groth Reddie Pink bubbles
Bill Halford BoS Ship
Scott Pagano The Antikythera Mechanism
John Banks Afterlife

The music in this video is The Calling by A Positive Life

Available online from:


Or can be purchased on CD here.
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