Art Of Digital Show
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Congratulations to the artists whose work was selected by Neal Benezra to be exhibited in the Show! There were 104 works in the exhibition, including 83 framed fine art prints, 18 video art pieces, a 3D modelled sculpture, a digitally designed textile piece, and an amazing interactive piece. The slide show on our home page shows a sampling of 17 pieces in the exhibit, which are by these artists:

Andre Kutscherauer Andre Kutscherauer
Neil Maccormack Neil Maccormack
"Future Station"
Alexander Kruglov Alexander Kruglov
Richard Taylor Richard Taylor
Michel Tcherevkoff Michel Tcherevkoff
"Shoe Fleur - Her Mess"
Bill Halford Bill Halford
"BoS Bridge"
Tim Borgmann Tim Borgmann
"Fragment 012802c"
Jane Gottlieb Jane Gottlieb
"Lawnbowler Series: Life"
Ivan Bajic Ivan Bajic
"Alone 3"
Kazuhiko Kobayashi Kazuhiko Kobayashi
"Scan Gate 1"
Stephanie Bennett Stephanie Bennett
"This equals everything"
Sheila Elias Sheila Elias
"Plane Dancer"
Davide Coltro Davide Coltro
"System (db-system 19)"
Bob Stevens Bob Stevens
"Girl in Landfill"
Ehsan Dabbaghi Ehsan Dabbaghi
Murray Kruger Murray Kruger
Tim Arroyo Tim Arroyo



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