Art Of Digital Show
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Monday October 29th 7-9 PM


Showcasing all 18 films
chosen by Neal Benezra for The Art of Digital Show 2007 exhibition.
Presented in high resolution with a Canon REALiS SX7 projector on a large screen.
A brief discussion and Q&A will follow the screening, with the Curator, Steven Churchill.

In the elegant Lyceum Theatre Gallery, located in Horton Plaza,
in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego.

QuickTime Video Trailer:

Park at the mall and receive a 4 hour validation.
Here are driving directions to the Lyceum Theatre Gallery.


Omer Barr Omer Barr
Sierra Brown Sierra Brown
"Import: Saphire Princess"
Marcos Ceravolo Marcos Ceravolo
Sam Chen Sam Chen
"Eternal Gaze"
Drew Costigan Drew Costigan
Betsy de Fries & Jerry van de Beek Betsy de Fries & Jerry van de Beek
Kevin Dooley Kevin Dooley
Adam Gault Adam Gault
"Lantern Fishes"
Franz Keller Franz Keller
"The Late Mister Cubicle"
Veronica Lawlor Veronica Lawlor
"Collective Innervation"
Nancy Macko Nancy Macko
"Bee Stories, 2006"
Dennis Miller Dennis Miller
"White Noise"
Scott Pagano Scott Pagano
Scott Pagano Scott Pagano
"The Antikythera Mechanism"
Rachel Soo Rachel Soo
"Emergine Aesthetic"
Ofek Wertman Ofek Wertman
Ofek Wertman Ofek Wertman
"Game Not Over"
Thomas Williams Thomas Williams



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