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Artist Piece Title
Richard "Doc" Baily Spore
Nathan Vogel Geospirit
Dennis Miller Circles and Rounds
John Vega Illumin 02
John Vega Transfigurix 01
Nobuo Takahashi Musashino Plateau
Kyle Cooper Darkwatch
Nobuo Takahashi Musashino Plateau
Dennis Miller Circles and Rounds
Murray Kruger Fall of Icarus
Steffen Sommer Castle of Rivendell
Ziyang Weng The Portrait of Peacock
Skan Srisuwan New Frontier
Tim Borgmann Fragment.0105.7902c
Etienne Saint-Amant Potemkine
Petra Voegtle Eruption
Cornelia Yoder Serenity
Tomasz Opasinski Carros
Dennis Miller Circles and Rounds
Maragaret Dean Abandoned
Dayle Ann Clavin Daydream
Edward Bateman Brothers
Bruce Dorn Dancers in Repose
Hanjin Song The Fly
Jinmo Avant-Attaque Crimson Altered States
Hoang Nguyen Hard Boiled To The Max
Victor Guzman Dias de Bosque
Matt Gaser A Strange Day at Sea
Lisa Smith Yellow Sub-Terrain
Hans E. Dehlinger Xert_02
Dennis Miller Cirlces and Rounds
John Banks Afterlife
Piero Macgowan Eye of Fire
Danny Yount 6x7oct
Amanda Hartley-Denton New York Street
Sawyer Fischer Kitchen
Nick Pugh Baked Oven
Tim Arroyo Birth of Maya Rain
Larry Reibstein Cleopatra
Alexander Kruglov Dark Times
Danny Yount 6x7oct
Williem and Tami McWhorter Coffee With Cream
Hoang Nguyen Memories Lost
David Lorenz Winston Woman in Passenger's Seat
Julie McConnell Missing Bodies #6
Peter Slevcove White Rock
Ching Huang The Way
Ryan Hartsell Covet
Mike Fudge Stereotypes
Justin Cherry Dormant Walkers of Velvet Footsteps
Tim Brumbeloe Philippe Today
Steven Gregory Back Porch
Philip Straub Afternoon Light
John Banks Nocturn
Ching Huang The Way
John Banks Afterlife

The music in this video is The Calling by A Positive Life

Available online from:


Or can be purchased on CD here.
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